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Live blackjack

Live casino blackjack. Where and how to play live blackjack, what varieties are there?

Most online casinos have long added the category of live games, and one of the mandatory elements of live casino is blackjack. Developers are trying to improve the technology and work to make the game more exciting and interesting.

Unlike slot machines, blackjack is originally supposed to have a croupier serving the tables. Traditional blackjack on a random number generator doesn’t have this. So, opting to have games broadcast by a live dealer at a studio is a great option for getting close to visiting a brick-and-mortar casino without the need for travel.

Who offers live blackjack online?

Almost all casinos with a live gaming section will have blackjack. Live dealer roulette is also immensely popular. To evaluate the available options, you can use our ranking. There are handy filters, including software filters, to pick the best live blackjack sites results possible.

The largest provider of online live blackjack games is Evolution. If you want to be sure that the casino has the tables with real dealers you want, you can select the availability of the software of this developer in the right menu of the casino rating. Then you’ll only see the casinos where you’ll definitely find the tables you’re looking for.

How do I play Live Blackjack?

It’s just like regular blackjack. You’ll be dealt cards and your aim is to accumulate more points than the dealer and not go over 21. If compared with the normal game at an online casino, the only changes are that the cards will be dealt to you by a real person and the equipment will be real. The game itself will be held in a studio and broadcast to you from there.

You have control buttons on the screen: bet, win, enough, double, etc. Generally speaking, business as usual. Another feature is to communicate with dealers, which will be done via chat. You send a message to the dealer in the chat room. The dealer can see your message and respond promptly on video. They have a special monitor which has its own browser window so that they can see information about the players such as who is at the table and what they have bet.

Who can play blackjack with a live dealer?

This is an entertainment for any player. However, you need to remember that the game is mostly not for cents, but for dollars. That is, you won’t be able to bet 10 cents anymore. Expect bets of $1 or more. So, this type of entertainment definitely starts with more expensive bets than in regular blackjack.

Again, there will be no free-to-play mode. Therefore, beginners should not practice at these tables. Anyone can play live blackjack online, except for financial constraints. Operators are targeting a very diverse audience when offering this game. Many casinos offer special VIP gaming tables for high rollers.

What live blackjack games can be found?

There are many variations ranging from small differences to substantial ones. Aside from differences in rules such as the number of decks used, dealer stop rules, table limits, payout ratio and a few others, there are fundamental differences of live blackjack USA.

From time to time there are innovative games. One of them is Infinite Blackjack, which is available at Evolution Gaming Casino. The difference between this variety is that the table can sit down any number of players. The number of seats there is not limited.

And in the casino often exclusively available Live Beyond Live games, developed in conjunction with NetEnt. Their difference is that the real dealers and equipment are complemented by elements of virtual reality. The developers have created a 3D studio where you can see people, the view outside the window, helicopters flying by. All these artificial graphics are intertwined with real tables, equipment and blackjack live dealer.