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Live poker

For many players, the lack of contact with real people is a drawback of online poker. Other users felt that the GSC algorithm responsible for distributing cards was “rigged”. The solution to these problems for customers who do not have access to a live casino is to play live online poker with live dealers. This way of playing allows you to feel the atmosphere of a real facility without leaving your home.

History of poker rooms with a real dealer

The first rooms to combine online gaming with real casino elements are PKR and Poker3DLive. This option did not catch on and soon the room was closed.

Major poker rooms such as PokerStars and 888poker have tried to bring live dealers to the online version. After evaluating the unsuccessful experience of its predecessors and the potential cost of creating a new format, Flagship abandoned the idea.

Poker rooms with live dealers

Now the competition with real croupiers is a popular format in poker live casino. Tables with real dealers are in demand among fans of card disciplines, where the opponent is an institution.

How the game process works

The deal at the tables against real competitors with real croupiers looks like this:

  • The dealer sits in front of a webcam.
  • The opponents are depicted as avatars.
  • The dealer shuffles the cards and hands the hand to the participants in the corresponding boxes.
  • Pocket hands are scanned and shown to each player.
  • Opponents trade, as in a normal roulette.
  • The dealer reacts to the actions of the players and opens common cards at the beginning of the next street.
  • The dealer holds the showdown, the software automatically determines the winner and manages the bank.
  • At the showdown, the opponents themselves can assess the correctness of the pocket cards.

The game of poker against the casino is organized more easily. In these disciplines, the participant has no other opponents except the establishment, the cards are dealt in the open.

The dealer shuffles and deals the cards, compares the combinations and determines the winner. A computer algorithm calculates bets, pot size, and winning odds.

Features of poker with live hands

The main difference between single player games and dealers – mathematical expectation is always on the side of the house. Regardless of the skill level of a poker player, outcomes depend on luck. The probability of failure of a particular combination is too small compared to the payout at the time of construction.

Another unique aspect of live dealer casino live poker is that the game is played for real money only. Most of the room’s slot machines, roulette and table games have demo versions where users can try their luck for free. The Live Casino section is only available in the real money betting mode.

Varieties of live poker

The choice of disciplines in such a format varies from one room to another. Let us list the most popular types available in most rooms with live tables:

  • Casino Hold’em – A variation of classic Texas Hold’em where the player plays against the casino. The player’s task is to form a hand stronger than the master. At the start of the deal, you can place additional bets to receive bonuses in case of winning combinations.
  • Caribbean Stud Poker is a discipline that bears little resemblance to regular stud. Participants receive five open cards, the dealer one open card and four close cards. Players can fold or raise to see their opponent’s cards. The dealer is occupied by the owner of the stronger combination.
  • Three Card Poker – In order to get a hand, a player must pay an ante and one of two bonus bets. The player receives three open cards and the banker receives the same number of closed cards. You can then fold or bet to find out your opponent’s combination. There are seven possible three-card combinations at showdown. The oldest are mini royals: aces, kings and queens of the same suit.

How to begin playing with a live dealer

To play poker live, you need to follow a few steps:

  • Choose a poker live online room with the availability of such tables.
  • Create an account.
  • Make a deposit.
  • Open the Live Casino section.
  • Choose a table.

In large rooms game in such mode is accessible round the clock, there are always free dealers. Bets at live tables usually start from $0.50.

Advantages and disadvantages of playing with a live dealer

The main advantages of Live Casino:

  • The atmosphere of a live establishment.
  • Control over the actions of the croupier.
  • Fast big money opportunities.

Non-standard game disciplines.

Minuses of the live format are:

  • Low speed of distribution.
  • Relatively high rates.
  • Possible problems with the connection.
  • The lack of a demo version.

However, it must not be forgotten that in this format the outcome is largely a matter of luck. Therefore, playing online poker live is a great way to pass your free time, but not a great way to make money. To become a pro, you need to learn how to play against real opponents. You can improve your skills by reading theoretical articles.