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Patch 1.5 – changelog

Patch 1.5 coming soon!

It brings various improvements, fixes a number of bugs in tasks and gameplay, and also adds free additional content.

The following are the main changes that are included in the patch:


You can now rent apartments (for a one-time payment) found in Night City or on the ABC of Housing website (only available from the computer in Vee’s apartment in Megatower H10). The apartments will become available after completing the “Eternal Sleep” quest. You can rent all the apartments at the same time, while they share a cache.

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– Northside, Watson (€5,000)
– Japan Town, Westbrook (15,000 €$)
– Glen, Heywood (40 000 €$)
– Corporations Square, city center (55,000 €$)

In addition, by spending 10,000 €$ on the ABC of Housing website, you can equip Vee’s standard apartment in the H10 megatower.

Some interaction options in apartments give V temporary buffs:

– Take a shower – gives the state of “freshness” for one hour.
– “Freshness”: allows you to restore health during combat. Health automatically regenerates up to 60% of maximum health.
– If you have the ability “Restoration”, this condition increases the recovery of health by 20%, and the limit of health recovery is increased by 20%.
– Go to bed – gives the state of “vigor” for one hour and restores health.
– “Cheerfulness”: skill experience +20%.
– Brew coffee – gives the state of “energy” for one hour.
– Energetic: Stamina +25%, recovery +30%.

Change in appearance

Now you can change individual elements of your appearance (hairstyle, makeup, piercing, etc.) by looking in the mirror in any of your apartments or shelters. This action is free and you can repeat it as many times as you like. In addition, new makeup and hairstyle options have been added to the character customization screen. Well, who is the cutest in the world?

What’s new with Wilson?

Check out Wilson’s Second Amendment Shop in Megatower H10 to check out what’s new, or find them on the streets of Night City.

– 2 new weapon models: Umbra from Darra Polytechnik (standard assault rifle) and Guillotine from Budget Arms (standard submachine gun).
– 4 new scopes: Jue long scope from Kan Tao, Gaki sniper scope from Tsunami, Kanetsugu short scope from Arasaki, Craftsman short scope.
– New weapon attachment – muzzle brake!
– 10 new muzzle brakes: 5 for pistols (RC-7 Ifrit, RC-7 Ligr, RC-7 Dybbuk, RC-7 Kutrub, RC-7 Babaroga) and 5 for assault rifles and submachine guns (RC-7 Asvang, RC-7 Varkolak, RC-7 Zar, RC-7 Yokai, RC-7 Strigoi).

We’ve added some new photo mode poses, including poses for Johnny Silverhand (only available during flashback scenes when you’re playing as Johnny).


Combat AI

– Improved behavior and reactions of NPCs during melee and ranged combat. Now they are much better at using cover, changing positions, reloading, choosing weapons, dodging, blocking, etc.
– A number of improvements have been made to dismemberment triggers, hit reactions and character death animations, which will add spectacle to melee and ranged combat.
– Enemies are now much more active in blocking and dodging attacks (“Kereznikov”). The more powerful the weapon, the easier it is to hit the victim. In the case of evasion, the opposite is true.
– The behavior of enemies in melee and ranged combat has become more diverse – depending on their faction, they show a tendency to rash actions, aggressiveness, rational behavior, defensive tactics and caution.
– Vee’s companions are now more actively involved in battles, but after receiving a certain amount of damage, they can be neutralized and become temporarily out of order.
– Improved the balance of netrunner battles.

Crowd Behavior

– Mob Aggressive Behavior: Certain types of NPCs can engage in combat with V if provoked, such as by aiming at them, shooting them, or hitting them. Due to some technical limitations, this change is not available on previous generation consoles.
– Waiting and skipping time now affects the state of NPCs, and also returns the original state of devices, environments and some scenes.
– Improved crowd reaction, pathfinding and character disappearance rules.

driving pattern

– Introducing the new “Ignition” mode! Turn it on by holding the gas and brake buttons, and turn the steering wheel, laying dashing turns and spins. The old system only allowed you to turn in one place – now try experimenting with the buttons to see the new possibilities! Burn tires, try normal and circular drifting, warm up tires for a drag racing style start. All this now works at higher speeds, so that most cars can be sent into a controlled skid by applying the brake and holding the gas at the entrance to the turn.

For those who play the keyboard, there are new additional functions of the arrow keys (some keyboards ignore the third keystroke when using WASD). Gamepads and controllers are the best fit for this system (which is what most players prefer to use for driving).
– The new braking system provides a stable reaction of the front and rear wheels of the car at all speeds. Added simulation of anti-lock braking system. The brakes of all vehicles have been adapted to the new model.
– Improved engine simulation. Added clutch simulation. These changes improve engine resistance during gear changes and help eliminate unnecessary wheel spin.
– Improved gearbox simulation. Significantly improved downshift behavior. The gearbox now downshifts realistically, more logically resetting the engine to the optimum RPM. Shifting between forward and reverse gears has been completely redesigned, now you can perform a 180-degree reverse turn.
– Improved the movement of motorcycles. All of the above improvements have increased their stability. We also improved the control model and reconfigured the settings.
– Improved parameters of some cars. The Quadra Type 66 (all models, especially the Avenger), Mizutani Sion (especially the MZ2), Herrera Outlaw (major overhaul) and the base model Maimai have improved handling and other features.
– Made changes to the first person mode for all vehicles where it was required. In addition, nomad vehicles with Crystal Dome technology now digitally remove obstructions.

Car traffic on the streets

– Significantly improved the movement of vehicles, namely their turning and stopping.
– Added a panic reaction to the threat: cars now rush away from the source of danger. Passenger NPCs can die in an accident.
– The reaction of vehicles to light collisions has become more diverse, the resumption of movement after collisions is now faster and more smoothly.

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