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Legends of Runeterra: Annie, Jean and more

In this strategy card game, skill determines your success – not luck. Combine legendary champions, allies, and regions of Runeterra to unlock unique card synergies and outsmart your opponents.

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grasp every moment

Dynamic, alternate gameplay means you can react and counter at any time, but so can your opponent. Choose from dozens of champion cards to add to your deck, each with different mechanics inspired by their original League of Legends abilities.

Champions enter battle as powerful cards, and if you play smart, they level up to become even more epic. Level up your Champion multiple times throughout the game, the more you play the more you earn the Champion Champion Badge.

always a new way to play

Every champion and ally in the game hails from a region of Runeterra. You can access atlases from nine regions: Demacia, Noxus, Freljord, Piltover and Zaun, Ionia, Targon, Shurima, Shadow Isles and Ban Del City.

Discover how different champions and regions work together to give you a unique advantage over your opponents. Mix and match, customize, and experiment with frequent new releases in the ever-evolving meta.

choose your way

In PvE, every map you choose affects your journey. Tackle unique encounters, earn and equip power-ups, unlock new champions and face new challenges as you move across the map. The enemies get stronger, but so do you – the more you play, the more endings you’ll discover.

play to win, no money to win

Get cards for free or use shards and wilds to buy what you want – you control your card collection and never pay for random card packs. While there’s always the opportunity to buy specific champions, you can easily complete your collection without spending a penny.

Win or lose, each battle brings experience and progress. Choose which area to explore first and unlock the map you invoke and switch areas as many times as you want. As you progress, you’ll gather new allies, spells, and champions.

Once a week, you’ll also unlock chests from your vault. The more you play, the taller these chests grow, and the rarity of the cards they contain, from Common to Epic. They can also contain wilds that can turn into any card – no guesswork required.

design and customization

The Lab is a limited-time experimental strategy game mode focused on making more extreme changes to the classic Legendary formula of Runeterra. Choose from pre-made decks with certain limitations or bring your own decks. The rules are constantly changing, and sometimes you might need a little help from your friends! Find out what Heimerdinger is up to next.


At the end of each season, 1024 qualified ranked players from the four LoR regional shards (Americas, Asia, Europe, and Southeast Asia) can compete in seasonal tournaments for glory, glory, and cash prizes.

But qualifying isn’t the only way to qualify – you can also participate in Last Chance Challenges. Gauntlets is a limited-time competitive mode with unique game rules and exclusive rewards to unlock.

Download Legends of Runeterra now and experience the turn-based collectible card game (CCG) in search of the ultimate deck master!

Once again, Riot Games is sending familiar faces from the world of League of Legends to Runetra. In the upcoming patch, Annie, Jean and others will come to the fore.

For League of Legends players, champions Annie and Jean are familiar faces from the highly competitive Rift world. With the latest patch, both characters, as well as Illaoi and Bard, will become playable as cards in Legends of Runeterra from 20:00 CEST. The update will bring with it a lot of innovations that will once again expand the game in various ways. Single player fans can also look forward to a completely remastered Path of Champions.

Time for the biggest show of your life! — Jhin

The latest update for Legends of Runeterra brought new champions to the world of the card game: Jhin, Annie, Bard and Illaoi. All characters bring with them new and unique abilities that, among other things, make Jhin their own territory and are declared accordingly when creating decks.

The virtuoso, who always counts to four, uses a variety of gadgets and abilities that may be familiar to some from League of Legends. If the effects are used by allies, a counter is triggered on the prone Genie, which, after every third spell (slow), skill or quick spell, will trigger a lotus trap that will not only hurt the enemy nexus, but also stun the weakest enemy. But this is just one of the many “tools” that the Pistolero knows how to use.

Here comes Tibbers! — Annie

On the other hand,

Annie is a special card that deals damage to opponents despite the lack of attack points. If it rises as well, players will have the opportunity to bring Tibbers to the field as an additional card – just like in League of Legends!

Bells, Tentacles and More – Bard, Illaoi, Path of Champions 2.0

Don’t forget about Illaoi and Bard, who were introduced to fans of the game some time ago and can display their typical abilities. While Bard wants to corner his opponents with mythical sounds and collects various bells into his deck, Illaoi dominates the playing field with his army of tentacles and tries to outmaneuver his rivals with a mass of allies.

Both maps will be released alongside a new and redesigned Champions mode designed specifically for single player. New champions, game modes, expansions and more are designed to further enhance and enhance the single player experience.

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