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Lost Ark Founder Packs Explained

Many said it was impossible, others did not even hope, but only true faith was rewarded. Group, without any announcements, announced the release of a demo version of one of the most long-awaited projects – the Russian-language localization of the Korean MMORPG Lost Ark. Right now, everyone can become the heroes of an amazing universe and start exploring the fantasy world.

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Don’t waste your time though – access to the demo will only be available for one week, from May 30th to June 6th, so if you’ve been looking forward to starting your journey, don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Of course, the publisher still has a lot of work ahead, so players will not get access to all the functions and mechanics, but this should not spoil the first impressions of getting to know a world that is still unknown to many.

The players are offered a choice of only four classes – Berserker, Avatar, Minstrel, Mechanist, after which they will have to take part in a fierce siege of a medieval fortress and fight a huge enemy army, as well as several bosses. In addition to the spectacular dungeon, the heroes will also be able to visit the training ground, and already on the 2nd there will be an opportunity to fight with other players in three PvP modes – Arena, Rally and Royal Battle. The demo version will end with a global tournament, the winners of which will be rewarded.

You can also join our Lost Ark community on the VKontakte social network and always stay up to date with all the important news, and the official website is already selling founder packs, which include guaranteed access to the upcoming CBT.

Founder’s Packs in Lost Ark are special bundles that you can purchase instead of buying the game, since it’s technically free. You can get three of these packs: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each of them is twice as expensive as the previous one, but they have more in-game goodies and other advantages. It can all be a little overwhelming, especially for new players who don’t really know how the game works. So, in our Lost Ark Founder’s Packs Explained guide, we’ll show you what these sets are, a brief description of what you get in them, and which one you should buy.

What are Founder’s Packs in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Founder’s Packs are essentially ways to purchase this free-to-play game. By that I mean the game is technically free, but you can buy one of these packs to get all sorts of perks and game goodies. You can get three of them: Silver ($25), Gold ($50), and Platinum ($100). Each of them provides you with all sorts of things, as you can see listed here. You can buy them through Amazon or Steam and I highly recommend the latter due to the best return policy.

Now let’s see what exactly you get in these sets. Some of them can be a little confusing for new players. Even those who have played the game before may experience some minor translation differences. Like this.

Beta access is pretty obvious; you will be able to play the beta as soon as it is released. Start from the beginning – you can play the full game three days before anyone else. Royal Crystals are a premium in-game currency. Founder’s Exclusive Pet – Pets are must-haves in the game because they collect loot that lets you fight freely. Having one of these early on is a huge advantage. Crystalline Aura is Lost Ark’s premium subscription that gives you all sorts of bonuses. Founder’s Silver/Gold/Platinum Title – Lets people see that you’ve bought one of these sets. Silver/Gold/Platinum Supply Crate – Filled to the brim with all sorts of consumables and other goodies. Please note that the contents of the boxes with silver and gold are exactly the same. The Founder’s Exclusive Avatar is basically a skin to showcase the fact that you’ve purchased the Gold or Platinum package. Character Expansion Slot – Allows you to create one additional character. extra skin for platinum paying people only. Founder’s exclusive mount – mounts are not a necessity in Lost Ark, but it’s another way to manage your high purchase over other people. Platinum Welcome Box – A few extra items in the Lost Ark Founder’s Platinum Shop. A set that includes an animated wallpaper for the login screen, a special building for your stronghold, cards that give you stats, and a chest of gifts to give to NPCs to please you. Silver is an in-game currency. Resurrection Feathers are items. which allow you to resurrect your fallen character on the spot. Oona’s Instant Daily Challenge Passes are items that allow you to automatically complete daily challenges after you’ve completed them at least once before.

Which Founder’s Pack Should I Buy?

If you’re planning to splurge on one of Lost Ark’s Founder’s Packs, Platinum is by far the best value. That’s what always happens in situations like this. However, it’s a hundred bucks, which is pretty cool. Just think about it if you’re planning to really dedicate yourself to the game. If you’re in a tight spot but still want to throw some money into Lost Ark, then Silver might be the one for you. To be honest, the gold package seems to be the “coolest” of them all. Sure, you get extra premium currency and some bragging rights through an exclusive avatar, but it’s not really worth the double price. Ultimately, however, the decision is up to you and your budget. One thing’s for sure, I’m getting a strong reward-for-win vibe from it all. I hope I’m wrong.

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